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 So I went back to school and of course was buzzing about the Kanye West/Taylor Swift incident so I guess I should touch up on it.

While it happened, I felt like crying for her. I really did. This girl is like 17 years old and she's such a sweetheart.Kanye is a grown man.
And when you're a grown man, you should already have that filter installed in your brain that tells you when certain things to say are appropriate.
I'm glad Beyonce let Taylor come back on the stage and finish her speech. That was so sweet of her.

But Lady Gaga! MAN, I have a girl crush on Lady Gaga. She is so out of the box and wonderful and controversial I'd like to lock her up in my closet so she could only sing songs for me.
Her outfits were boss. Although I'd never wear a fucking bird's nest around my face, she makes it look cool.
And her performance was sooooooo smazing.

I'd pay big money to see this girl live. Even if I got fake-bled on. . . .