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 The interwebzz has become very boring, LiveJournal.

And my summer is nearing an end and I still have so much left to do. . . . .

So far I've:
  • went to cheer camp (has a blast)
  • cut all my hair off Rihanna-style (minues her large-head)
  • Went to Philly to visit my family (and play Guitar Hero non-stop)
  • got a Blackberry for my birthday
  • celebrated my birthday at P.F.Changs with my bestest friends.
Now all that's left is to:
  • Figure out who else is taking Chemistry at 9:00
  • Go to Dylan's pool with Jarlan
  • Hang out in Carytown with Jarlan and Kelcie
  • GCH concert
  • Figure how to get this fucking Jaws of Life case off my Blackberry