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Bury me in all my favorite colors. . .

 Have you ever had something awful happen to you? Something you'd take back in a heartbeat if the chance came by?
Something so crushing, it makes you feel foolish for overreacting to all the petty things thats happened to you.


When someone has some evidence against something awful you did; a mistake, a fuck up. They threaten to drag your name through the dirt because you refuse to do what they ask. 
They're like a ticking time bomb, holding it over your head, forcing you to do something that would make you hang yourself in agony after you did it. Something demoralizing, but just equally as demoralizing as the evidence this psycho has against you.

Think about your life before the blackmail: Popular, lots of friends, you have an endearing nickname, friends you laugh your abs off with, guys who find you enticing, the only people who hate you hate you out of jealousy; they want to be you and have what you have so badly they'll do anything to get it.

And after someone release an embarassing secret about you. . . .

You're infamous. You have virtually no friends. The girls at school whisper about you. The guys find you repulsive. Everyone hates you out of disgust; no one wants to be you. Not even yourself. . . . .