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 Ok, so I was in an argument with this guy on Facebook, and he was saying that (in a response to a comment I made about this country being taken from the natives and then enslaving the natives, raping their women, and inflicting disease on their people) how dare I make such a comment about our country on it's birthday and that many countries took over the indigenous people. That it was either us or the Natives.


Who is "us" first of all? I am much more a descendant of a Native American than of the original settlers (although I am Irish), so he was basically saying that it was either Him or Me.
And just because it's July 4th doesn't mean I'm going to pretend I'm proud of how this country came to be. Granted, I don't hate living here, especially since we finally have a president of my liking, and I am a free woman in this country allowed to speak and think for myself.
But the history is ALL FUCKED UP.
I'm not going to suck it up one day out of the 365 and pretend I enjoy learning in history class that the aboriginal people here were taken from their own land and forced to work for the conquerors.

So, Facebook Asshole who is a friend of my old friend Zoe,